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What about the bit in 19:19 where it says you can't wear clothes made out of more than one fiber? Imagine all those people who are burning in hell because of poly-cotton blend...

Funky Dung

Does Typepad have trackback or pingback capabilities? I only wonder because I've linked to you a couple times but never saw a track/pingback to the post.


Hey Funky -- Typepad does accept trackbacks. When I started blogging, I turned them on, but got discouraged and/or confused as to what it's all about after going months without ever getting one.

I turned it on for this entry, let's see what happens.

Funky Dung

Hmm. Since I already wrote the post, I don't know if a pingback will be sent. WordPress does it automatically when the post is published.


Great stuff, as usual!

Brucker (who has two tattoos)

Gosh, if you're going to start pointing people to my comments, I'm going to have to start calling you something like "filthy infidel" to keep up proper fundamentalist appearances.

Isn't it interesting that the Israelites were ordered to be kind to immigrants, but wipe out the indigenous population?


Deadlytoque, I've often wondered about that poly-cotton thing. A lot of people bring it up as a semi-sarcastic response to 19:19, but really, can we say for certain that the ban applies to synthetic fibers as well as natural ones?

Another random thought from a guy who just claimed he wanted to build up his fundamentalist image, and then admitted to having tattoos. Go figure.


Well, alright, so we admit poly-cotton blend... but does 19:19 exclude wool/cotton blends? What if your shirt was woven from linen and cotton?


Oh, the shame of it all!

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